Re: Gnumeric for windows as portable app

Hey all,

The U3 thing may be slightly divorced from the portable app thing so I
suspect we can simply ignore U3. 

U3 seems to have been a technology (built by some USB key manufacturers)
to interface to the registry so apps could act as if they were writing
keys to the registry without actually doing so. Portable apps seems to
be a strategy to have apps write their configuration back into the
folder in which they are stored. There are many apps that are
'portable' (see without needing U3. 

However, I understand none of this technology; the above understanding
is what I gleaned from an hour of work trying to understand what was
going on.


On Fri, 2007-02-02 at 15:47 -0500, Richard Bumby wrote:
Adrian Custer wrote:
Hey all,

Recently, I discovered the portable app phenomenon, for windows apps
loaded onto usb flash drives. The idea is that such apps are run from
the drive without having any need to interact with the windows registry
or any other system on the machine itself. This enables users to run the
apps even if they don't have elevated priviliges. 

Is the windows port of gnumeric configured in a way that will allow it
to run in this way? If not, is there any reason to prevent this? I
suspect a portable gnumeric for windows would be a great way to expose
the project to a wider audience.

Of course I realize that the windows port is yet another labour of love
and that it demands yet more of that time that no one has...:-)


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I, too, discovered U3 recently.  I thought that I was just getting a 2GB 
USB drive, but it showed its U3 side when I plugged it into my notebook 
computer running Windows. It came just in time, since some of the office 
outposts that I need to use right now have  only Windows machines with 
an uneven choice of software.  I have seen nothing about developing 
software for this system, but Mozilla seems to be building its products 
for U3, so it must not be a big secret.

I add one more vote to the proposal that a U3 build of gnumeric be 


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