Some ideas for the future


Some things I would like to see in gnumeric:

* new sheet types (graphs, macros, objects). IMHO, we should be able to
have a sheet with anything we can have at the moment as a sheet object.

* objects in cells. I'd like to extend the cells so that a cell can
contain an object.

* support for components. It would be nice to insert components (as
supported in goffice) as a sheet, as a sheet object and as a cell
content (this idea was suggested by another chemist who would like to
embed a molecule formula inside a cell). It would be possible also to
use the components in formulas, if we add an appropriate interface to
the component API. I'll give a new chemical example: suppose I have a
chemical formula in A1, in B1, I'd like to type
=object_property(A1,"mass") and get the molar mass of the molecule.

Best regards,

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