Gnumeric 1.7.0

Gnumeric: Free, Fast, Accurate -- Pick Any Three!

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the release of Gnumeric 1.7.0,
the first release in our new development series.  We have also released
the required GOffice 0.3.0 library.  A fairly recent libgsf is required

The list of changes is massive, see below.  Worth special notice is:

* Improved auto-resizing of columns on entry.
* Import of MS Office 12 files.
* Improvements to Open Document import.
* Regression lines in graphs.
* Improved Excel compatibility.

For further information and download locations please go to

Morten Welinder
On behalf of the Gnumeric Team


Gnumeric 1.7.0

    If you store supported mimetypes anywhere other than gnumeric.desktop you
    will need to resync.

        * Fix lost minus signs in latex output. [#325656]
        * Add has-header preference to the sort preferences. [#327278]
        * Fix sort dialog crash. [329236]
        * Make sort dialog range entry sensitive to keyboard entry.

Harun Vos:
        * Fix Win32 crash-on-start for pre-WinXP.

Ivan, Y.C. Wong:
        * Fix Gdk-WARNING when cutting or copying cells. [#314210]
        * No more debug command prompt.
        * Error/warning messages will go to an existing command
          prompt (if any).

        * Handle the special case of ADDRESS (r1c1) actually relative.
        * Make sheet name quoting modular.
        * AREAS handles error conditions better.
        * Make Array formulas use less memory
        * Fix xls import of optimized CHOOSE
        * Dup sheet props when duping a sheet.
        * Adding an autofilter dirties the sheet.
        * Move Workbook::uri and ::dirty into GODoc
        * Handle inconsistency with XL's model of vararg eval. [#336212]
        * Export underlines to html.
        * handle ctrl/shift space during rangeselection.
        * Fix path to docs. [#330339]
        * Handle canceling object drag motion. [#314866]
        * Fix image drags with previously selected objects.
        * Handle oddness in xls files generated by 'miniCalc' [#336858]
        * Do not make backgrounds for xl95 charts transparent.
        * Basic import and export for MS Office 12 (beta1) files
        * xls import optimization for shared strings.
        * Install the headers for libspreadsheet. [#332218]
        * Enable ODF metadata import.
        * Fix ODF import of underlines.
        * Fix ODF import of sheets with quoted names.
        * Enable ODF import of hidden rows/cols.
        * Fix ODF import of col/row cell default styles.

Klokan Pridal:
        * Implement xml saving/loading of "protected" attribute.  [#334257]
        * Implement xls saving/loading of "protected" attribute.  [#330129]

Luciano Miguel Wolf:
        * ODS import improvements.

        * Fix COUNTBLANK.
        * Fix auto-filter formatting issue.  [#322392]
        * Fix ATAN2(0,0).
        * Make AND, OR, and XOR ignore strings as claimed.
        * Fix TRIM for non-ASCII case with spaces at end.
        * Fix TYPE crash.  [#323128]
        * Plug leak.
        * Fix sheet quoting problem.  [#323546]
        * Improve Excel compatibility of BIN2DEC, BIN2HEX, and
          BIN2OCT.  [#323787]
        * Fix crash on xml load.  [#323888]
        * Fix file corruption on saving scenarios.  [#323927]
        * Fix a pile of leaks in solver and scenario saving and loading.
        * Fix leaks in solver dialog.
        * Fix parser leak.  [#301127]
        * Fix NetBSD compilation.  [#324358]
        * Fix solver dialog crash.  [#324585]
        * Fix FMR in SUBSTITUTE.
        * Fix REPLACE and SEARCH for non-ASCII strings.
        * Fix division-by-zero problems in FIXED, ROUND, ROUNDUP,
        * Fix accuracy of ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, TRUNC.
        * Fix out-of-memory problem in REPT.
        * Fix lots of little XL compatibility problems in string
        * Fix error on Search-and-replace.
        * Improve handling of boolean args for "R" functions.
        * Fix near-infinite loop in FACTDOUBLE.
        * Fix text-to-columns crash probably affecting stf import too.
        * Fix font preference crash.  [#326830]
        * Fix memory allocation problem for writing charts.
        * Fix loading of boolean constants from ods files.
        * Fix MID for out-of-bounds values.
        * Fix constructed-range parsing for OO.
        * Improve .desktop file.  [#328015]
        * Make expressions use less memory by merging ref_count
          and operator fields.
        * Split expression memory pool into one for large and one for
          small nodes.
        * Fix SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR compatibility problems.
        * Fix DATE compatibility for bizarre input.
        * Cleanup parameter handling in financial functions.
        * Fix parsing problem with underscores in sheet names.  [#329236]
        * Fix LCM and GCD for large arguments.
        * Switch gnumeric option handling to GOption.
        * Switch ssconvert option handling to GOption.  [#154395]
        * Switch ssindex option handling to GOption.  [#154395]
        * Fix problem with solver error message translation.
        * Expand the range of certain random number functions.
        * Fix large-argument cases for BITOR, BITAND, BITXOR, BITLSHIFT,
          and BITRSHIFT.
        * Redo string-to-value parsing.
        * Allow "12Dec2001" for date entry.  [#56168]
        * Allow "20041231:103355".
        * Fix bogus duplicate-accelerator warnings.  [#324692]
        * Fix criticals relating to toolbar combos for very narrow windows.
        * Allow vertical toolbars.
        * Save a bit of memory for function calls.
        * Fix type confusing in mps importer.
        * Greatly reduce the use of the type-unsafe GnmExprList.
        * Use argc/argv form for sheet function taking uneval'd args.
        * Fix expression creation and leaks in mps importer.
        * Use toolbuttons for edit-line buttons.  [#331916]
        * Go to end of text on F2.  [#319311]
        * Let GtkNotebook handle hidden sheets by using hidden tabs.
        * Fix updates of tab colours.
        * Make Workbook a little more like a proper GObject.
        * Rework "dirty" handling for sheets and workbooks.
        * Fix 64-bit problem for xls save.
        * Fix printing issue when sheet is zoomed.  [#332932]
        * Fix dbf import issue.  [#332878]
        * Fix menu feedback when replacing a pristine workbook
          by a file.
        * Fix stf text import speed regression.  [#333407]
        * Fix XIRR issues.  [#333620]  [#333631]
        * Fix autofilter for text that looks like numbers.  [#333809]
        * Plug leak in SEARCH.
        * Fix printing issue with wrapped, right-aligned text.  [#334144]
        * Introduce top-level expressions.
        * Eliminate ref-counting at the sub-expression level.
        * Plug leaks in preferences dialog.
        * Make CORREL, COVAR, RSQ, SLOPE, and INTERCEPT really ignore
          blanks.  [#334591]
        * Fix DOLLARDE and DOLLARFR.
        * Resurrect the ability to name external workbooks by filename,
          including relative filename.  (But things still expand to URIs.)
        * Improve Excel compatibility for ROMAN and COMBIN in extreme cases.
        * Fix sheet object deletion crash.  [#335052]
        * Make ISPRIME and PFACTOR work for much larger numbers.
        * Fix border case for iterative evaluation.
        * Display and xml-save inter-workbook references using relative
          URIs.  [#334724]
        * Fix theming problem.  [#309060]
        * Fix validation problems.  [#114086]
        * Fix validation handling of errors/strings/booleans.
        * Implement WORKDAY.
        * Improve Excel compatibility for EDATE and EOMONTH in extreme
        * Fix EVEN and ODD for very large numbers.
        * Fix sheet-manage dialog crash.  [#336165]
        * Reimplement autofill.
        * Fix xls export of data tables.
        * Fix xls export for intersections.
        * Fix parser crash for ={-TRUE}.
        * Get rid of integer/float split.
        * Allow ={+42}.
        * Fix copy-and-paste problem between gnumeric instances.  [#337215]
        * Improve handling of strings that look like numbers or expressions
          during search-and-replace.  [#167304]
        * Fix rendering problems for values with attached formats.
        * Fix button ordering on Win32.  [#170479]
        * Fix rendering on fractions that round to 0.  [#314210]
        * Add undo handling to deletion of names.  Fix recalc are removing
          or defining names.  [#312610]
        * Improve editing of cells containing currency amounts, fractions,
          or percentages.
        * Improve 1-2-3 import for Chinese files.  [#337968]
        * Fix 1-2-3 format handling.
        * Fix parsing of "4/2005".  [#166413]
        * Fix initial sheet selection in the sheet-manage dialog. [#331984]
        * Make autofill understand 3Q01, 4Q01, 1Q02, ...  [#61650]
        * Make autofill understand Apr, Jul, Oct, Jan, ... (and other skip-N
          sequences, with or without year.)
        * Make autofill fit columns.
        * Fix sorting undo problem.  [#161890]
        * Add locale choice on text export.  [#123339]
        * Remove stray "Back" button for text export's one-sheet case.
        * Fix elusive sheet tab tracking bug after we replaced the initial
          pristine workbook by a newly loaded one.
        * Fix GUI inconsistency for text import.  [#338694]
        * Fix crash on save+quit.  [#338847]
        * Auto-fit width when entering new values or formulas.
        * Auto-fit height when entering string constants.
        * Fix fits for wrapped text.  [#67351]
        * Fix minor undo problem for applying a height-changing format.
        * When undoing or redoing, move to where things happen. [#114077,
        * Add tooltips to a few combos.  [#339122]
        * Improve stf import format guessing.  [#332997]
        * Improve stf import for sloppy clumps of whitespace.  [#339297]
        * Improve stf import's keyboard navigation.
        * Fix applix import issue.  [#339190]
        * Fix critical.  [#339793]
        * Make "General" format pixel-perfect.
        * Fix zoomed rendering issue.  [#310492]
        * Warn for confusing text-formatted-non-string situation. [#339834]
        * Fix filling of text formatted as non-general.
        * Fix printing problem for cells that haven't been displayed.
        * Fix critical on exit for --debug=1.
        * Display tooltips during autofill.  [#51272]

Jon Kåre:
        * Hand clipboard off to clipboard manager when exiting.
        * Handle non breaking space in html input.
        * Handle .xls containing html fragment [#311879]

Nick Lamb:
        * Fix CONVERT crash.  [#323678]

Philo Vivero:
        * New loan template.  [#317201]

GOFFICE 0.3.0:

NOTE : This is a _DEVELOPMENT_ release.  Please use the 0.2.x series for
        production systems.  The api/abi in 0.3.x is expected to change without
        notice until 0.4.0.

Emmanuel Pacaud:
        * Add initial support for moving objects by mouse.
        * Add a resolution setting in image export file chooser.
        * Add support for PDF and PS export of graphs when using cairo
        * Add gtk-doc support.
        * Improve legend layout by making swatch size proptional to font
        * Improve dialog for manual position of dialog.
        * Fix baseline for area plot and histogram when using a log axis.
        * Implement stretched image pattern in cairo renderer.
        * Fix axis label position.
        * Improve scientific format, add an engineering mode and a
        special format with markup for display of exponent as 
        superscript (e.g. 10²) (Currently only used by graph engine when
        using cairo renderer).
Ivan Wong :
        * [Win32] Only export symbols which are in the public headers.

Jean Brefort:
        * Add a new components system to embed data from other
        * Add Histograms.
        * Add regression curves to histograms and line plots.
        * Add power regressions.
        * Add moving average trend curves.
        * Fix use of invalid data in scatter plots. [#334697]

        * Some cleanup towards supporting --without-gtk.

        * Fix translation problems causing crashes in the character set
          selector for people not using UTF-8.
        * Add and fix gog-object preconditions.  [Part of #321678]
        * Handle problem with fraction formats for very large values.
          [Debian 340463]
        * Fix problem with colons in filenames.  [#322799]
        * Use system libpcre when available, sufficiently recent, and
          properly compiled with UTF-8 support.
        * Plug leak.
        * Handle problems with formats containing "ss." but no more.
        * Fix plugin deactivation.  [#336742]
        * Improve fraction format handling.
        * Fix format problem for [$curr].
        * Implement tooltips for text combos.  [#339122]

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