Re: Obtaining the average or mean from an entire column

Le dimanche 14 mai 2006 à 03:36 -0700, Michael Johnson a écrit :
Hello, I'm a new Gnumeric user and am having trouble with functions.

I would like to get an average of an entire column into a seperate
cell. The problem is that over the next few months (or years) this
column will be regularly updated. So I was thinking I could use a
function to count the entire number of cells in this column and then
using that number specify the location of the last cell.

I could then inform Gnumeric to start at a particular cell and then go
from that cell to the final specified cell and use the data to get an
average of the entire column.

Is there any function that will have Gnumeric look at a column and
return the number of cells in the range? And could I then use that
number to dynamically specify the final column to use in the average?

You can count cells containing numbers with:
(this is for the A column).
But you do not need that to calculate the average:
calculates the everage of all cells in the A column which contain

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