Re: Defining range using cell value

"Andreas J. Guelzow" <aguelzow taliesin ca> writes:

On Sat, 2006-24-06 at 21:22 +0200, Berthold Höllmann wrote:
I have a spreadsheet where I regular add lines with 14 columns. From
some of these columns I calculate SLOPE, INTERCEPT, or FORECAST. These
functions do not work using ranges as $A:$A that I can use in graphs.
These ranges are accepted, but the calculated values are wrong. I
tried using ADDRESS, but without sucess. 

If you insert rows in the middle of your data, your formulas should be
automatically adjusted.

The data has to be appended, and it's always just one line at a time.
Further the cells are "preformatted" and there are some formula cells
in each of the rows. OK, I could insert a line before the last one,
copy the last line to the newly inserted line and change the values in
the last line. Yes it would be less effort then changing the row
entries in all my formulas. 

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