Re: windows build help


Gnumeric handles file I/O & dealing with formats using
plugins. Which is how it imports/exports XL, OOCalc files

So just start looking at writing handlers/plugin for
your specific needs.

As for password protection it beats me on how/what
kind of secure encryption algorithm youre going to use
and implement. Given to me Id just use another program
to encrypt/decrypt this stuff, anyway it beats me.


>I am trying for a build of Gnumeric on Windows without success. If
>anyone can help me with that I will be thankful.
>I am new to this and I might be wrong in what I say. Please correct me
>if so. I generally understand gnumeric is a C code.
>My objective is something like this. I want to change gnumeric / write
>one new using gnumeric headers as my base to open a gnumeric files which
>are password protected by reading a property file locally, which has its
>password. I want to customize it as per my needs and so would like to
>figure out how to open it first then proceed from there.

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