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I am trying for a build of Gnumeric on Windows without success. If anyone can help me with that I will be thankful.

I am new to this and I might be wrong in what I say. Please correct me if so. I generally understand gnumeric is a C code.

My objective is something like this… I want to change gnumeric / write one new using gnumeric headers as my base to open a gnumeric files which are password protected by reading a property file locally, which has its password. I want to customize it as per my needs and so would like to figure out how to open it first then proceed from there.

With my little C knowledge what I could find was gui-file.c has the code to open the file gui_file_open function to be specific.  Can anyone direct me to the code which opens the file using the password?  Where is the password being checked against the password stored in the file and where does it decrypts the file?

I guess few of you must have got a successful build on windows, since it is available for installation. If any one who has such build happens to see this can they help out in this. I see lot of people are trying to get a successful build in windows.


Thanks for your help

Srividhya Sundaram





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