Re: GSL function problem

On Thu, 13 Jul 2006, laurency franck wrote:

i have created a plugin for gnumeric and i want to add it some other functions. These functions use GSL function: "gsl_interp_cspline". So i have included files "gsl/gsl_errno.h" and "gsl/gsl_spline.h" . But when i try to use my plugin there is this error which appeared:

E/pc85/home/laurency/softs//lib/gnumeric/1.7.1/plugins/fn-TimeSeriesAnalysis / undefined symbol: gsl_interp_cspline

And i don't understand why "gsl_interp_cspline" is not defined as i have included file "gsl/gsl_spline.h"

By including the relevant header you, in effect, assure your plugin code that there is such a symbol, somewhere. But unless the symbol is a trivial macro it's not actually defined yet, merely declared. You've said, "Trust me, I'm going to provide gsl_interp_cspline, which takes such-and-such arguments and returns such-and-such a value." But to make good on your promise, you have to link to the library that actually defines (provides) that function, -L/somedir -lgsl.

Allin Cottrell

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