Gnumeric 1.6.2 and goffice 0.2.0 released

Gnumeric 1.6.2, a new release in the stable 1.6 series, is now available
together with goffice 0.2.0, a bugfix release.

The changes include numerous function fixes, fixes for a number of crashes
and improved compatibility with Excel's functions, in particular for string

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Gnumeric 1.6.2

Ivan, Y.C. Wong:
        * Fix Gdk-WARNING when cutting or copying cells. [#314210]
        * No more debug command prompt. Error/warning messages will
          go to an existing command prompt (if any).

        * Disable the IRC link in the help menu.
        * Use the cannonical web page in case of problems.
        * Silence some warnings in the ODS importer.

        * Fix COUNTBLANK.
        * Fix ATAN2(0,0).
        * Make AND, OR, and XOR ignore strings as claimed.
        * Fix TRIM for non-ASCII case with spaces at end.
        * Improve Excel compatibility of BIN2DEC, BIN2HEX, and
          BIN2OCT.  [#323787]
        * Fix crash on xml load.  [#323888]
        * Fix file corruption on saving scenarios.  [#323927]
        * Fix a pile of leaks in solver and scenario saving and loading.
        * Fix leaks in solver dialog.
        * Fix parser leak.  [#301127]
        * Fix solver dialog crash.  [#324585]
        * Fix FMR in SUBSTITUTE.
        * Fix REPLACE and SEARCH for non-ASCII strings.
        * Fix division-by-zero problems in FIXED, ROUND, ROUNDUP,
        * Fix accuracy of ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, TRUNC.
        * Fix out-of-memory problem in REPT.
        * Fix lots of little XL compatibility problems in string
        * Fix error on Search-and-replace.
        * Fix near-infinite loop in FACTDOUBLE.
        * Fix text-to-columns crash probably affecting stf import too.
        * Fix font preference crash.  [#326830]
        * Fix memory allocation problem for writing charts.
        * Fix loading of boolean constants from ods files.
        * Fix MID for out-of-bounds values.
        * Fix constructed-range parsing for OO.
        * Fix SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR compatibility problems.
        * Fix DATE compatibility for bizarre input.
        * Cleanup parameter handling in financial functions.

Jon Kåre:
        * Hand clipboard off to clipboard manager when exiting.

Nick Lamb:
        * Fix CONVERT crash.  [#323678]

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