Re: Two problems: documention leads to blocked site (Red Hat) - that's odd and how can I count a column of text entries?

Morten Welinder wrote:

I don't know where you got a link to RedHat, but you can always find the
functions at

Depending on the details of what you want, you can use COUNTA(A1:A42)
which counts anything but empties, or something like


which counts things that are texts only.



Morten - Thanks, just what I needed, i.e. counta(), now is there a way
to subtract a constant value from the result generated?

On being blocked, I was mistaken it was not the manual where I just
confirmed I had no problems getting everywhere there was a link.  It was
the Tutorial that has the problem I mentioned.

Open the Tutorial, go to :

  3.4Using Commands

    * Section 3.4.1Using Menu Commands

When you hit the latter you will see:


You don't have permission to access /projects/gnumeric/doc/.html on this

Apache/2.0.46 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80

Since there may be a problem with the site taking html, I will send the
message as all text.

The page link is:

Again Thanks, Txt.

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