Re: Importing Data

Answering my own comment here:

Gnumeric version: on Windows XP.

I'm trying to import accounting data from company reports (like the
SEC 10-K's, 10-Q's), and not having much luck.

The closest I have been able to come to success is to edit the section
of the original that I am interested in, by inserting ';'s as
seperators between the columns of data, and then selecting paste. This
does, pretty much, get the numeric data in the right column. However,
the pasting operation seems to regard the ',' in the numbers as a
decimal point, so that the number $691,066 is turned into $691.00,
quite a difference.

I've tried changing the column type from general to accounting, etc.,
but the truncation occurs no matter what.

I upgraded to 1.7.0 in the meantime, but I think the problem was that
I didn't notice that the "," was selected as a seperator. Unchecking
that, and manually inserting a custom seperator character between the
columns (as well as doing some prior editing on the text) allows a
pretty good import.

I do wish there was an easier way, and if someone knows it, I'd love
to hear about it. I understand there is a way in Excel to do import
web data directly into the spreadsheet, which would be lovely. Or a
regular expression feature might work.

Thanks again. Great work, as always, on gnumeric.

sdb ssr com

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