Re: More problems with locales and dates

Le mardi 13 septembre 2005 à 22:42 +0100, Chris Seaton a écrit :
My locale is set to en_GB.UTF-8 (I checked using 'locale').

In one sheet I have dates such as


Which is the 6th day of the 10th month of 2005, or October 6th, 2005. I 
went to format cells and chose the mmmm-dd-yyyy format and it comes up with


Do you really get that? Not Jun-10-2005?

Where's the problem and how do I fix it?

Gnumeric calls nl_langinfo (D_FMT) to know the default date format.
In /usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB, I have:

d_fmt       "<U0025><U0064><U002F><U0025><U006D><U002F><U0025><U0079>"

which is "%D/%M/%Y".

You should first check this line. If it is correct, it might be that
gnumeric has been compiled without langinfo support. In that case, when
running gnumeric from a terminal, you should get the following message:

Incomplete locale library, dates will be month day year

Hope this helps.

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