Re: HTML encoded spreadsheets?

David Stanaway wrote:
Maybe my vendor is going out of their way to make a dodgy
file? EG, save as web page, then renaming the file to .xls and ignoring
the warning.

From your description of what you're receiving, it sounds like they are going (in Excel) 'File' menu -> 'Send to...' -> 'Mail recipient'. This starts a new message in Outlook, converting the current spreadsheet to HTML and bunging it in the message body. The resulting message is useless even if you have Excel.

[Note, I don't have Excel here so can't check this, but it sounds like the type of format you get from this]

The simplest way to fix this is by taking your clue stick and gently persuading them to use 'File' menu -> 'Send to...' -> Mail recipient (as attachment)' instead.

- olly

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