libgsf question

I'm not certain this is the right forum, but I looked through the archives for this mailing list and it looks close.

The problem I'm having is this:

I downloaded libgsf in order to write (fairly simple) Excel spreadsheet files on linux.

I'm having a hard time understanding the documentation at:

What I'm wondering is this:

Are there any really simple examples of how to write an excel spreadsheet? If I had a basic outline for creating one that had data in a cell or two, I don't think I'd have any problem moving forward from there. Obviously looking at the source for gnumeric, or something else that uses libgsf is a possibility (and maybe the route I need to take) -- I'm just hoping there might be some reference I'm missing that would save me a bunch of time -- not really excited about diving into code that's not intended to be an example, although if this route doesn't pan out, that's what I'll do I think.

Any suggestions / pointers welcome.


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