Great Work - Love Gnumeric - Selecting Multiple Sheets At Once

Hello all!

I just wanted to let you all know I think Gnumeric is a great
spreadsheet application.  I have tried using Openoffice's Calc
application, but it just does things in a funky way that is much more
user friendly in Gnumeric, that and Gnumeric loads a lot quicker.

I have a project which requires many (lots) of sheets within a workbook.
I need to export all these sheets (20+ of them) to a delimited text
file.  I never tried that in OOo's Calc but in Gnumeric you guys do it
wonderfully.  I can choose individual sheets or click to select all
sheets and export all the sheets combined into a single text file.  That
makes my life so much easier!  Thank you!

Gnumeric makes my project much more doable and a pleasure to work on.

Now, I have noticed that I cannot select multiple worksheets, say to
adjust a column width or two to the same width on several sheets.  I am
wondering if adding this feature might be something relatively easy that
a newbie/novice c/gtk coder might be able to implement with a little
guidance.  Would someone be willing to point me in the right direction,
say files that would need to be changed, and what general area to look
at to make the changes?  I will of course check out the cvs version and
see if I can find the necessary areas myself and maybe post back here
with what i've found and you can then maybe just check my research and
let me know if there is any other places I might need to look at.

How does that sound?  Or, perhaps this feature is already being worked

But mainly, I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate Gnumeric,
it makes my projects easy to work on.

Thanks again,


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