Re: print problems with gnumeric (if win32)

coralline algae wrote:

I couldnt tell from the note if the platform is windows but since I have
never had problems with printing on linux, I will take a stab and "assume"
it is windows.

I had some problems with another open source program abiword
printing garbage although print preview looked ok.
I help with QA and other things for AbiWord, and I assure you there is no "print preview" (other than Zoom, Full Page) on AbiWord for Windows, as the goal is to be WYSIWYG. The "Print Preview" function in Linux is provided by the GnomePrint library.

Other programs had no printing problems,  so filed bug report.
In the interim new version came out and I tried it on another computer
and  printing worked.  Hmmm,  reinstall print drivers on system
in question and problem solved.
If the new version and new printer drivers fixed the problem, please close the bug (query first if you don't remember the number) at with this note. Thanks!

What can I say its windows, when in doubt reinstall something.

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