charting rows of data

My apologies if the answer to this is somewhere that I've missed.  I
relatively frequently have the need to chart many hundreds or
thousands of series all on the same graph.  Given the columnXrow
limitations in all spreadsheet programs, it is most convenient to have
the data series in rows instead of columns.  The problem I can't get
around is that Gnumeric seems to assume that if the number of rows of
data is bigger than the number of columns that my series must be in
columns, and it charts them that way.  I'm relatively new to Gnumeric,
so maybe I've missed an obvious menu option somewhere -- again my
apologies if this is the case.  If there is an easy solution or a
quick fix I would really appreciate it; otherwise I'm stuck using
OpenOffice or Excel to make my charts.

Many thanks,



Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602

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