Re: PI()

Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:

Seriously, I am wondering whether those XL rounding functions that don't
behave sensibly could be packaged into their own little plugin, so that
one could decide not to load them. In that case one wouldn't see them
and keep looking to find INT and CEIL.

Looking into a detailed comparison between XL and Gnumeric, we can distinct the following situations:

1) XL and Gnumeric do the same - no problem
2) XL works wrong, and Gnumeric imitates the wrongness for compatibility
3) Gnumeric does more, e.g. is accepting more than a single cell as
   parameter, compared to XL which accepts only one cell. Compatibility
   XL -> Gnumeric works, but Gnumeric -> XL is a problem.
4) Gnumeric functions not existing in XL
5) XL is correct, but Gnumeric wrong - this is a bug

Apart from better documentation & testing, I have no genious idea for the remaining differences. Maybe a "XL compatibility option" will be a nice feature for those users which exchange files very often with XL-users.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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