Re: copy/paste size limit

On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 04:41:45PM +0000, Al Lelopath wrote:
There is a limit to the amount of data I can copy/paste in one action.
It seems to be around 250kb (of text).
I am copying text from KWrite and trying to paste into gnumeric.
Is this a gnumeric limitation?  or is it of the system?

I did some experiments and couldn't get KWrite to reliably write 300 kbytes
of data into anything, including xclipboard, I think either Qt or KWord
probably has (yet another) clipboard bug. Please try upgrading to the latest
stable KDE version and if it still happens consider reporting it as a
bug to the KDE / KWrite maintainers.

While doing these tests I repeatedly crashed Gnumeric 1.4.3 so there may
be some bugs at that end too, but I haven't time to reproduce them on
1.6.1 any time soon.

BTW Yes, there are restrictions on the maximum size of object which can
be usefully communicated through an X server with UTF8_STRING or similar
but I doubt 250kb of text exceeds those restrictions on a modern PC.


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