cell alignment

Here is what I see as a small misbehavior (but I'm not sure):

if you have a least two cells and among them, at lest two have different
alignment caracteristics.

here is an example:

|    123    |            |
|           |    456     |
|           |            |

if you select the two cells and click Format Cells, you will see that in the vertical alignment, the *Center* is selected, which appears to be the behavior when you
have mixed alignment properties.
Therefore if you want to actually center these you can't click center (or if you do, it is not taken into account). The workaround is to click another property, say *Top*
and then reclick *Center*.

To some extend the problem exist also for horizontal alignment (less visible because
of the *General* choice).

should I file a report for this (gnumeric 1.6.1) ?


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