Re: how do I define a date format

Henry Proudhon wrote:

dd/mm/yyyy is already a predefined format, I do not understand why you
need to create a new one.
I don't have it in my date-format list, though d-mmm-yyyy is present.
But entering the custom format as suggested by Hal work well for me (gnumeric-1.6.1).

To enter a date, just type 05/12/2005, it should work (at least it works
for me), but this might be locale dependent (gnumeric might interpret
this date as May 12th).
I agree, the thing is once you've typed 05/12/2005, gnumeric interpret that as mm-dd-yyyy which is perfectly rigth with my locale (en_CA).
How do I set locale-specific formats in Gnome ? Is there a global date format that I can specify that will get picked up by gnumeric ?
The workaround can be to pre-format the empty cells with the custom dd/mm/year. Then if you type 31/12/2005 and change to d-mmm-year you have 31-Dec-2005.
I preformatted the column as custom dd/mm/yyyy. But I can't get the Validation rules right. If I specify custom, it requests Criteria to be entered. If I enter dd/mm/yyyy for criteria, data entry gets rejected with "dd/mm/yyyy is not true". So do I need to enter some other code for Criteria ? In fact, by defining a custom format as dd/mm/yyyy does gnumeric understand that I mean date month year ?


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