Re: Native port of Gnumeric for Mac OS X

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 15:01:21 +0200, M-Rick wrote:

So would it be possible to do the same for Gnumeric ? Like this we would
have a very good, real and free alternative to MS Excel.

Or even better, if someone has the skills/time to work on it: make a
GNUstep port.  Then it can be easily ported to MuckOS (Cocoa), as if the
port is initially created for MuckOS using unknown/undocumented/secret
Cocoa classes it is extremely difficult (often impossible) to port it to
GNUstep.  Or, alternatively, MuckOS users can run that app from GNUstep.
As already mentioned, it is a huge amount of work.

Yavor Doganov                   JID: doganov jabber minus273 org
Free Software Association - Bulgaria 
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