Howto write Plugins for Gnumeric?

Dear all,

I'm newbie here.
I found gnumeric to be very much useful for my daily work, even better
then OOcalc sometimes. 

Now I need to implement erlang analysis functions in gnumeric. Since it
is an important functions in Telecommunication fields, I believe I need
to implement them directly inside gnumeric. 

I have the functions here already working nicely (have made a gtk based
erlang calculator on top of it), but I cannot get them integrated inside

I've made fn-erlang directories based on fn-date, make few adjustments
inside (and in?), also in But the
best I can do for now is get gnumeric displaying "function
implementation not available" message. 

I'm still trying to hack on this, but really appreciated if someone
could give me directions. Thanks.

One other thing, I'm planning to also fix copy-paste functions so that
it can handle filtered data regions (non overlapping copy-paste like in
Excel). Anyone already working on this?

Best Regards.

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