Re: gnumeric python console under gentoo

On Sun, 2004-09-19 at 01:57, M. D. Berg wrote:

 I have been trying to follow the directions located at
to get the gnumeric python console. My operating system is Gentoo Linux
using the 2.6 kernel. In my "use" line I have included python, libgda,
gb, evo. libgsf-1.10.0 is already installed. 

 I have taken the comments out of the python-loader/plugin.xml file.

 But still no Tools -> Python console.

 Does anyone have an idea of what I did wrong? I would greatly
appreciate any suggestions. 

If you are using 1.3, that's the explanation. The Python console uses
features which haven't been ported to 1.3 yet.

With 1.2, you should grab a patch from which solves some memory corruption

Hope this helps

Jon Kåre

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