Re: Custom XML export/import

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 09:48:59AM -0500, Ken Kuhlman wrote:
In Excel 2003 pro, there's a new feature to import & export arbitrary
XML documents via "XML Maps", which map XML schemas to XL lists.

An example of an expense report using this functionality is documented at:

Has there been any discussion about adding this type of functionality
to gnumeric?  I know that it's possible to run gnumeric's native
format through xslt & generate custom XML that way, but native support
in gnumeric would greatly reduce the setup costs.

That is definitely interesting.  As we finish the separation of
libgoffice from gnumeric I'm working on an api to support external
(non-gnumeric) content attached to xml files.  Supporting something
like this seems like a cross between that and the text file importer
(with all it's configuration).  It would nice project for someone.

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