Re: currency format (repeat)

On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 11:26:14PM -0700, jaiguevara wrote:
I posted this question on the usenet group, but I'm
not sure if that is the correct way to reach this
list. My apologies if this is redundant.

I'm a new Gnumeric user with 1.2.8 on Suse 9.1, KDE
desktop. So far this seems like best spreadsheet for
my needs in the Suse distribution.

But, when I import cells with the format "($1,234.99)"
(quotes excluded) they don't get converted to numbers.
The Format/Cells/Currency menu option doesn't convert
this string to numeric, even though there is a an
option with that exact format. I have checked for
leading and trailing spaces.

In fact, if I type that string into a cell I see the
same problem. What's going on? Do I need a new version?

This is a known limitation that we've not gotten around to fixing.
The number matching algorithms only consider the first segment of a

will only match on the 0.  We'd hoped to fix the nicely during
format engine rewrite for 1.3, but have not had time to do the
rewrite.  We'll have to consider a more 'pragmatic' (aka ugly)

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