Solver, MILP and Boolean constraints

Hi guys,

I am running a MILP problem with Gnumeric 1.2.13.
The Solver of Gnumeric is able to solve it in less than 1 second, 5
time faster than Excel. However, introducing a Boolean constraint
(i.e. modifiable cells can only assume a binary value, 0 or 1), I get
the following message

Constraint `T2:T204 Bool ' is for a cell that is not an input cell

Since the Handbook of Gnumeric does not actually specify how to input
a binary constraint, I included it as I usually do in Excel.
I am just wondering whether I made a mistake or Boolean constraints do
not work properly.

I would really appreciated your help.

PS: I have been pretty happy to notice that Gnumeric does not have the
200-constraint limit as Excel does. Good job, guys!

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