Dear Gnumericos-

Presuming we get the schemas sorted out, we should have a trial of
the clustering code soon, and will look for help getting it ready for CVS

Right now we just have a little bit of gnumeric code, mostly in
analysis-tools and dialog-analysis-tools, and we link to the precompiled
.so files that have the clustering routines. We've been putting those
.so files straight into the Build/src/tools directory.

But what is the proper way to get them into gnumeric? Three options I see:

        1) Link to precompiled .a or .so, more or less as now.
        2) Include source code probably in directory tools/snob, like
           tools/solver. Build with gnumeric, probably as library.
        3) Package as separate library people can install on their
           own. Gnumeric has to detect its presence at install,
           build, or run time.

Note on option 2: The clustering code was made GPL by the author, but he
wrote C like Fortran. Brilliant, but hard to maintain. Y'all willing
to have that in the distribution?


Charles R. Twardy          
Monash University          
Computer Sci. & Software Eng.        +61(3) 9905 5823 (w)  5146 (fax)

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