Gnumeric 1.3.91

Gnumeric 1.3.91 aka "I Object" is now available.

    I would have liked to characterise this as just stabilisation release, but
    there is more in here than bug fixes. Yaacov Zamir and Morten cleared out
    lots of old code and synced the cell printing to use the same pango
    generation we used for display. While that was going on Emmanuel added some
    nice eye candy to the plots, grid lines. I was surprised by how much they
    add to the charts. The docs are also shaping up nicely. Adrian could
    probably use some editorial/proofreading help folks. In the background
    JonKare has been tidying lots of lose ends, even fixing the CORBA plugin a
    bit, that code hasn't seen the light of day since the dawn of time.

    We are not quite ready to re-introduce the bug beverages, but it is close.
    Please test this release. 1.4 is due later this month with the rest of
    gnome-office. Report the bugs now please. If you are going gold before 1.4
    comes out this release could be shippable. There are now sufficiently many
    improvements and fixes in 1.3.x that are not in 1.2 that we have passed the
    tipping point.


  * Adrian
      + Write the chapter "Graphics: Plots, Images, Widgets and Drawings".
      + Write the chapter "Working with Files".
      + Update the chapter "Elements".
  * Andreas
      + Improve `Z-Test for 2 Means'.
      + Improve `T-Test (Paired Sample)'.
  * Emmanuel Pacaud
      + Grid lines implementation.
      + New set of icons for charting engine. (Bug 152615.)
      + Fix crash when adding y-errors to an empty plot. (Bug 152499.)
      + Fix the performance degradation with too many axis ticks. (Bug 152201.)
      + Fix crash when adding series to a radar plot. (Bug 153146.)
      + Fix ring plots for center radius = 0. (Bug 153401.)
      + Remove unused radar plot editor. (Bug 153402.)
  * Jody
      + XLS import formatted single points in charts (only pie for now).
      + Improve theme support for single points in charts.
      + ctrl-7, ctrl-9, ctrl-(, ctrl-0, ctrl-).
      + Rework column size calculation on xls import/export.
      + font strangeness when exporting to xls. (Bug 152248.)
      + Improve cursor for object resize. (Bug 152512.)
      + Fix loss of precision when resizing objects. (Bug 152244.)
      + Fix rendering problem when zoomed. (Bug 152636.)
      + Fix object positioning when zoomed.
      + Make the status area shorter with GtkStatusbar and fewer frames.
      + XLS import for arcs, polygons.
      + Improve XLS object styling.
      + More win32 build patches.
      + Clipboard support for objects. (Bug 114099.)
      + Support for symmetric object resize, and duplication via ctrl-click.
      + Clean out the SheetObject menu code to restore model GUI split.
      + Fix File -> Send-to.
      + Add ctrl-period == insert current date&time.
      + Respect 0 as no-compression for xml export. (Bug 114153.)
  * Jon Kåre
      + Fix the CORBA plugin.
      + Add pangoft2 dependency.
  * Morten
      + Fix crash when adding a xy plot over a pie plot. (Bug 152511.)
      + Work on using pango layouts for printing.
      + Fix endless recursion. [Bug 153544.].
      + Plug leaks.
      + Improve save-as dialog.
      + Make sure *.csv and *.tsv are listed as spreadsheets in the open
        dialog. [Bug 143135.].
  * Uwe Steinmann
      + Validate the field names for paradox databases.
  * Yaacov Zamir
      + Fix header/footer printing to use pango layouts.
      + Fix graph printing to use pango layouts for text.
      + Fix cell printing to use pango layouts.
  * Yukihiro Nakai
      + Enable editing email links.


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