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Is the XML Schema in the tarball kept up to date? It's not got the right version number in it.

Opinion (AKA newcomer sticks oar in, looks foolish):
I think I read in the archive somewhere that you wanted to make the parsing of the XML "more flexible". I think this would be a bad idea. In fact, if it were up to me, I'd keep the XML Schema up to date, check the gnumeric files against the schema, and die horribly if they didn't match. I think the pain of dealing with non-conforming gnumeric files is not worth it. It's especially unfair on other spreadsheets trying to read your files- not only do they have to emulate your file format, they also have to emulate all the quirks you accept, in the same way as you accept them (see all web browsers, ever).

Something I would like (as someone who is currently making Gnumeric XML files), is the schema to clearly mark out some optional sections. For instance I couldn't care less about the section called <PrintInformation> for my files. I'd like it made explicit in the schema that it was optional, I'd leave it out, and I'd get the defaults. That way it would be very easy to create a gnumeric file- ultimately all you might need is a <Sheet> and some <Cell>s.

What do you reckon?


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