Re: patch for inserting raw latex command to gnumeric for exporting latex files


Since there are several people that commented on the list that they
handle the same issue by editing the LaTeX files after wards, it would
clearly be useful to them to have this incorporated in the plugin
distributed with Gnumeric.

Are you submitting your code for inclusion in Gnumeric and distribution
under the GPL?


PS: I haven't looked at your patch in detail yet, but on first glance it
looks like something that could fit into the latex exporter, potentially
with some little changes.

On Sat, 2004-11-20 at 02:17, Shixin Zeng wrote:
Hi, all
Is there anybody can remember that I had asked how to insert raw latex 
command in gnumeric for exporting latex?
Some people on this list told me that no way. Now I implement it myself 
and the patch is attached(latex.patch).
Let me give some explanations:
1. I tested on gnumeirc-1.2.13, it worked fine. If you don't want to 
compile it from source, you may try the pre-compiled file. Extract the 
attachment to overrite your original html plugins, backup your files first!
2. To insert raw latex command, please put them between '\L{' and '}'. 
The '{'s and '}'s must be matched, that is to say you can't put a 
unmatched brackets in it, I think there is no need to to so in latex.
    What's in gnumeric                        What's in latex 
foo \L{E=m\cdot{}c^2} foo               foo E=m\cdot{}c^2 foo
foo \L{{aa}{bb}{a{b}c}} foo               foo {aa}{bb}{a{b}c} foo
foo \L{a}\L{b} foo                              foo ab foo

I think this patch would be very convinient for those who take gnumeric 
as their latex table-maker, just as me. :-)

Any reply please cc to me, for I don't subscribe the mailing list.
Andreas J. Guelzow
Taliesin Software, Shelties, Pyr Sheps
and Shetland Sheep

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