Re: [Patch] Complete Excel paper size import

On Sun, Nov 21, 2004 at 12:04:34 -0500, Jody Goldberg wrote:
Please do not commit.  This is non-critical, it can wait for 1.4.1


+print_info_get_paper_width (PrintInformation const *pi)
+print_info_get_paper_height (PrintInformation const *pi)
Nothing calls these just now, I suppose the intent is to use them for xls
export ?

I provided them to retain the symmetry with how the "paper" field is
managed; it has a "get" function which is currently called from
plugins/xml_sax/xml-sax-write.c .

For xls export we'd probably need do a linear search through
paper_size_table to find a matching entry (if any) using some kind of float
comparison with epsilon for gnome-print units. I haven't spent time on this
yet because, as you point out, the information we now import is lost in a
typical use scenario (load, print) before we even get to the point of

it may be easier (though less reliable) to try to preserve
the xls paper id number.

This only solves part of the problem.  There are two issues it
leaves untouched.

1) persistence to/from .gnumeric
    We currently save only the paper name, not the sizes, so we'd
    lose the new info.

This seems doable.

2) It may not work once the user opens a printer setup dialog.
   When we reload the PrintInfo from the gnomeprintconfig we'll load
   a paper name which will override the selected sizes.

This is something I haven't yet gotten a grip on. Back when the gnome-print
initialisation was done on startup, I tried to trace down where some
paper related information was lost, and it seemed there was some sort of dup
done of gnome-print information which destroyed part of the information in
its src.

I don't grok the interaction with gnome-print; I'd appreciate
pointers/advice here.

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