Re: XY Graphs : how to make two series of data use their own 'Y' axis ?

That's currently not possible. There's a bug related to this issue in bugzilla:

Ah okay, so it's a know problem.

So basically all the functionalities I need, which have to do with graphics, don't work ;o) :o(

Honnestly, I think Gnuméric is plenty enough fetured regarding data manipulation (an the site it even says there is MORE functions n Gnuméric than Excel !!!), so I think it's now time to put the same level of development effort into REPRESENTING all these manipulated data.
What the point of manipulatnig data, if you can't display them properly.

Yes... I think we should really concentrate the effort on graphs now, to make them actually useful.

1) Extra Y axis : make it easy to add new axis and affect them to a particular data series
2) Add the option to put the graph on a separate sheet, so that it looks "tidy" and makes optimum use of available work space.
3) speed up the Graph wizard CONSIDERABLY (I understand this is already in the pipe-line)


4) speed-up opening and saving time a LOT. Took me 5 minute to save a 2MB file, where it takes only 2 seconds with XL.
We ought to make as good as XL, where it applies. I understand this will be changed in the soon to come next stable release, so I am looing forward to seeing for myself, if it is sufficiently fast or needs further improvement still.

WIth these few points sorted, I do think Gnuméric would be a consistent package, and certainly better than XL :o)
These points seem the most important/urgent to me, before ANYTHING ELSE.
Once this is solved and we therefore have a consistant software, then we can start again adding new features, if it is felt necessary.

Given the low traffic on this list, I hope I will be heard and that I am not talking to a brick wall... :o)


Vince, wanna have a perfect/useable/viable Gnuméric as soon as possible.... :-)

PS: what's wring with the list's setting : every time I reply to a message, I have to re-type the list's address by hand, I can't just hit the "reply to" button like for other mailing-lists...  :o(

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