XY Graphs : how to make two series of data use their own 'Y' axis ?

Hi there,

How do I do that ??

I selected two columns, one for the X series, one for the first Y series. Then selected a XY plot, then added a new Y series, specified what cells/data to use, all okay, the preview showed the second series of data. In order for the second series to be displayed properly, I need it to use it's own Y axis, as the range of values between the two series is very different. First series is about 0 to 8000 and second series 0 to 200.
I found a button to add a new Y axis, great.
Now the problem (at last ! ;o), is that my second series uses the FIRST Y axis, not the new axis I just created for it. And when I click on series details, there is no option to tell it what axis to use.  Also, it appears that I can't specify a different range (min-max) values for the 2 Y axis, which fundamentally defeats the purpose of creating said secondary axis in the first place !!!

What am I doing wrong ? How should I proceed to have two series of data, each with their own Y axis and different/appropriate bounds ?


Vince, discovering Gnumeric...

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