Re: row and column size not being preserved when switching X displays

On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 09:32:07PM +0000, Joe Wells (reverse mailbox letters only for non-public replies) 

There's an important bit of information in my report that I failed to
emphasize and I am not sure it was obvious to all of you folks why it
is important.  Here is the important bit of information:

  *PART* of Gnumeric *ALREADY*IS* paying attention to the dpi reported
  by the X server and another part is not.

I am guessing the part that is paying attention is one of the GNOME
libraries that deals with font issues.
I'm not so sure.  We scale the fonts by our notion of the dpi too.

Currently what this means is that I have to invoke some command (I
forget the details) to edit the GConf registry every time I *start*
Gnumeric to make sure the dpi value stored in GConf matches the X
server's dpi.  If I want to run two copies of Gnumeric simultaneously
on the same machine, but using two different displays, I have to edit
the GConf registry after starting the first copy but before starting
the second.

Unfortunately yes.  I'll have a look at supporting something like
dpi < 0 => use the screen dpi.
Can't Gnumeric just use the same code used by the other GNOME library
(whichever one Gnumeric is using that is noticing the X server's
reported dpi)?  Is there no standard GNOME way for this to work?  Or
is each GNOME library and application going to figure out the dpi to
use in a way that is not guaranteed to make them all match?

There is a gtk call to get the dpi.  It is based on the Xlib call.
Unfortunately, X was notoriously wrong when we wrote the code, and
has only improved recently.  XL also makes some assumptions about
dpi and seems to fix it at 96 as far as I can tell.

As a completely separate question, why does this affect printing at
It shouldn't

How can printing possibly be dependent on the dpi of the X server?
It's not.

I suspect that what you're seeing is a distinct problem.  Font's do
not scale linearly and until you are using pango-1.6 things are not
going to be lined up quite the same way.  This is an area that needs

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