Conditional formatting - UI spec volunteer

I had read an article on Footnotes about the Gnumeric 1.3.92 release.  I
posted a comment asking about "Conditional Formatting" and someone named
'jody' replied that the implementation was easy but that the UI was
still to be determined.  I'd like to volunteer for that job.

Can someone point me to a developer who I can coordinate with on this

I have a degree in Computer Science from JHU.  I've been a sysadmin, a
s/w engineer and then a manager of software development, first at
Brightmail and then at Transmeta.  Now I run my own Linux consulting
practice.  I need conditional formatting in my business, so I've got
skin in the game for this one.

During my two management jobs I spent a lot of time writing specs, doing
mock-ups and performing user testing, so I'm confident I can get this
done.  I'm a huge believer in Tufte and Norman and usability, so I'll
adhere to the HIG.


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