Re: Building a new application based on gnumeric

On Sun, May 23, 2004 at 12:34:24PM +0200, Victor Morilla wrote:
I wan't to build a free application to solve financial
problems and I would find very interesting to make use
of the calc engine of gnumeric.
My ideal API would let me build new cell objetcs (not
gui objects) to store values or functions, modify
them, read it's value and associate callbacks to be
invoked when a change in a cell happens.
Is it possible ? Is gnumeric's GUI isolated from it's
engine calc ? Is there any documentation related ?

The ui and core are as distinct as we can make them but we have not
had alot of testing to validate that.  It is possible to run without
an X display (eg our ssconvert application).  

As to the rest of your proposed design ... I'm not clear why you
would want a new Cell object.  The existing versions should be
sufficient for what you've described.

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