Re: Pivot tables, documentation


Yeah, I've been "forgetting to write" the manual for quite a while now.
It's slowly bubbling up in my work stack, annoying me more and more
every day until, eventually, I'll pick up all my notes and go back after

Actually, the next big step in the manual is figuring out how such a
thing can build under windows. 

The manual itself is currently a skeleton outline that I thought could
hold the major useful ideas that the manual *should* have. It's designed
so that we could all add to it little by little. But docs are hard to do
well and I don't seem able to work at it piecemeal so my contributions
are waiting until I have some quality time to throw at it.

Pivot tables will arrive eventually, gnumeric doesn't yet do them. And
when they come, I'll have to learn how they work. Then I'll probably
forget to write about them for six months to a year. Then maybe I'll
write about them in the manual. 

That said, you can usually read how excel does things and figure out
from that how gnumeric does. 

good luck,

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 08:02, Dave Richards wrote:

Can anyone give me an idea how to make a pivot table in Gnumeric? Better
still, does anyone know of a decent tutorial, or some documentation -
someone seems to have forgotten to write most of the Gnumeric manual?

Thanks very much,


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