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Glad you wanted to try gnumeric. 

Unfortunately, gnumeric does not yet run on Windows without substantial
work. The current development cycle is attempting to transform gnumeric
so it will run with only a few libraries, natively on windows. Once this
work is complete, we should have a file that you can install and run on
windows in the way that you seemed to expect. At that point gnumeric
will become a simple replacement for excel.

If you are up for a fair amount of work, reading documentation,
downloading and compiling, it should be possible to run the current
version of gnumeric on top of a cygwin installation of gnome2.4. Only
try this if you really need it or know cygwin reasonably well as it is
bound to be a lot of frustrating work before you get it running.


On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 12:59, George Maness wrote:
I am probable not the type of user that Gnumeric was developed for. I
simply want a substitute for Excel that won't cost me half a month's

When I tried to open Gnumeric 1.2.5 I got the message "Windows cannot
open this file".

What other files or resources are needed and where can I find them?


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