RE: please help abou gnumeric2

Are you using FreeBSD 5.x or FreeBSD 4.x?
How did you install gnumeric2? Did you do a pkg_add or did you do a port
If you did a pkg_add, then you may have not gotten the required

Have you done a portupgrade to get the latest version of Gnumeric?
In your user account, do portversion -rRv > portversion.txt 
Then look and see if any of the Gnome ports are out of date.

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Subject: please help abou gnumeric2

Hello, I have a problem with gnumeric2.

when I running gnumeric2 program is started but not displayet, im waiting
20-30 min. after that gnumeric2 displayet, that is a problem. I don`t
now when an how fix this problem. PLEASE HELP 

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