printing woes

I love Gnumeric but my inability to format and print stuff is stopping
me from using it for all purposes at present.

Using :

Slackware 9.1, kernel 2.4.22

Gnumeric 1.2.0 as packaged with Slackware.

Turboprint driver with a cheap inkjet Canon printer.

The printer behaves itself reasonably well with all other apps. 

When I print from Gnumeric I get the following problems :

1. # signs where cell contents are not fitting within a column width.
The date is a good example, and this problem seems somewhat random.
'26-Sep-03' prints but '23-Sep-03' prints as # signs. The entries appear
OK in the spreadsheet display and the problem only occurs in "print
preview" and in printing. "print preview" is consistent with the

2. Printed text is truncated at the boundary (boundary not printed) of a
column instead of continuing into the next (empty column). This too
seems arbitrary in that some text prints across the border, other text

I've searched through the mailing list archives but could find nothing
that seemed to have any bearing on the problem.

Pointers to the source of my problem would be very welcome.

Chris Dunn
Diamond Construction Ltd
PO Box 354, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
        telephone :     1 (649) 941 4716
        fax :           1 (649) 941 4765
Thu Jan 22 14:07:01 EST 2004

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