Gnumeric 1.2.5

Gnumeric 1.2.5 aka "The french keep me honest" is now available.

     A few mostly minor xls export issues, and some package cleanup.  A small
     patch to add some missing includes fixes a crash in the ia64 build This
     package should also be alot more relaxed about the intltool version
     requirements. The Manual recalc redraw issue was quite interesting. Jean
     Brefort added bubble plot support, bringing us ever closer to complete
     coverage of the available XL formats.

     New development is continuing in HEAD as we transition to GtkAction and
     work ever closer to a win32 build.

    * Andreas:
        o Use the paper selected in the print dialog [backported]

    * Jean Brefort:
        o Support bubble plots

    * Jody:
        o We only need selection info in the primary pane
        o Export multiple selections to xls for frozen panes
        o Rangesel doesn't bind the panes during cursor movements either
        o Recalc new expressions even when manual recalc is set
        o ISNUMBER() should return false for blank references
        o Fix xls export for plugin functions

        o New package to work around intltool issues

    * David Mosberger-Tang:
        o Fix File->Page Setup crash on ia64 bug

    * J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
        o Include several missing images in the documentation and corrected some
          image file references. bug


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