Re: MS Excel files password bug ?

On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 16:07, Arnaud Launay wrote:
Hello people,

Was trying to open the MS excel file my mom sent to me and that
she protected with the password "MADELEINE" (without the "", in
caps), but when I try to open it (first with gnumeric 1.2.2, then
updated to 1.2.4, got the same thing), it prints:

** (gnumeric:24262): CRITICAL **: file ms-biff.c: line 236 (ms_biff_query_set_decrypt): assertion 
`q->length == sizeof_BIFF_8_FILEPASS' failed

And loops again asking for password.

This file turns out to be encrypted with an older, simpler scheme than
the usual. xor, in fact. Coinicidentally, support for that scheme was
added to the unstable branch a week ago. Your sheet opens fine in that

I don't know if Jody plans to backport this feature to the stable
branch. It would be a nice selling point, since AFAIK OpenOffice Calc
can't open password protected Excel sheets at all. Anyway, you should
try to think of a nice way to encourage Jody to do the backport.


Jon Kåre

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