Re: MS Excel files password bug ?

Le Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 03:39:26PM +0100, Jon Kåre Hellan a écrit:
for that scheme was added to the unstable branch a week ago.
Your sheet opens fine in that version.

I see. I suppose it's nico's patch ? Will have a look at it, it
doesn't apply to stable (which is right, I believe).

I don't know if Jody plans to backport this feature to the stable
branch. It would be a nice selling point, since AFAIK OpenOffice Calc
can't open password protected Excel sheets at all.

I confirm that. It's strange, though. Why didn't they add support ?

Anyway, you should try to think of a nice way to encourage Jody
to do the backport.

Dunno... Does he eat m&m's ? :)


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