2nd Patch - BIFF5 era XOR crypto

Revised patch, still against latest 1.2 CVS since I'm fairly sure this
machine won't have the dependencies needed to build and test 1.3

This version deals with actual single-sheet BIFF crypto, which was not
previously working because the FILEPASS is in the different place. In
a sense this patch is a bug-fix, because there's no way the average user
knows if a file used XOR crypto or the later more secure stuff. I guess
it still won't make 1.2.x though :(

BTW If you have such files and can't find the password, I also announced
a Free Software version of those XL password finders you see advertised,
on my source code page http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~njl98r/code/


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