Gnumeric-1.2.4 configure script ran without a hitch, but make failed immediately with the intl-merge script which suggested that OrigTree was not correctly installed. I do have OrigTree correctly installed (as far as I can figure out). When I replaced the intltool-extract, intltool-merge, and intltool-update scripts in the gnumeric-1.2.4 subdirectory with their versions 0.27.2 (rather than versions 0.28), gnumeric-1.2.4 compiled without a hitch. I had intltool 0.28 installed, but switched back to 0.27.2 in order to get the older scripts. I had no problem compiling gnumeric-1.2.2.

Any suggestions for getting gnumeric-1.2.4 to compile as downloaded?

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