Gnumeric 1.2.4

**** Gnumeric 1.2.4 aka "A branching we will go" is now available. ****

     With a few more bugs fixed, and some final features enabled for the
     charting engine Gnumeric has now branched. Version 1.2.3 was not
     announced due to last minute fixes in xls export. The main extension
     in this release is the addition of value formats for the axis labels,
     user defined, auto generated from the source data, or from MS Excel.
     Development of 1.3.0 has already begun, so releases of the 1.2.x line
     will now be bug fix only.

*** Details ***

    * Adrian Bunk:
          o Portability fixes.
    * Andreas:

          o Mark workbook as dirty on sheet deletion/addition bug
          o Minor GUI polish bug
          o Handle broken OO generated xls files bug
          o Minor changes to the sort dialog

          o Allow text export to use the rendered strings rather than the
            stored values bug

          o Fix printing of non-word-wrapped cells with hard line breaks bug

          o Make sure dialogs are visible on session manager communications bug
    * Jody:

          o Overzealous renaming. bug

          o Use the right font when editing. bug

          o kludge around mystery inconsistent autfilters in xls bug
          o Patch a leak in the pattern selector
          o Fix a potential crash when changing labels on axis

          o Modernize the sylk importer bug

          o Fix xls import of plot styles that override defaults bug
          o Fix xml import of ManualRecalc flag

          o Horizontal, and Zoom scroll wheel support bug
          o User selectable format for axis labels
          o Tune 'General' format width calculation
          o Improve quoting of accounting formats
          o Auto format selection for axis value labels

          o Tweak the mime types we claim to handle bug

          o Some xls export problems in countries outside north america bug

    * John Gill:
          o Add a field menu and keyboard shortcuts to the sort dialog

    * Jon Kare:

          o Fix encoding of author field in summary. bug
          o Some improvements to the format selector widget

    * Jukka:
          o GLPK upgrade to version 4.2

    * Morten:
          o Handle fractional seconds correctly for UNIX2DATE.
          o Fix display of -0:30 again.
          o PCRE upgrade to 4.5.
          o Fix GLPK to not assert (not implemented)


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