Re: Stupid user question, named cells...

Thanks for the pointer.

I must have some mental block about this, in retrospect it seems to me at one
time or another I have had this same issue with Excel.

My block must have something to do with the ability to change the cell name via
the cell name text field at the left end of the formula editing bar. It seems
like a right click in the field should give access to the insert->name->define

Thanks for pointing out the pilot editor.


--- frank brierley <frank_n_brierley yahoo com au> wrote:

Try insert menu -> name -> define.  You should get a dialogue box that
lets you select the offending name and then activates a delete button.

This works on gnumeric 1.2.6

Good luck


On Sun, 2004-02-15 at 19:47, Mike Summers wrote:
I can't figure-out how to delete/rename a named cell. Basically I've
changed my
mind and want a different cell to have the name I've already given a cell.

I've tried the online docs and google, no help.

This is fouling-up my worksheet and my morning.

Any help is appreciated (even rtfm if you provide a pointer to what I'm

Thanks-- Mike
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