User added widgets


Gnumeric 1.2.5 allows the user to add a few drop down boxes and spin
buttons and the like.  They're a work in progress, but they look

I've never been able to completely fathom Excel's widgets, but there
appears to be a form style visual basic oriented set with a
comprehensive array of properties and events, and a simple set that
reads data from (and makes changes to) the worksheet directly.

When Gnumeric opens a sheet with one of Excel's form style widgets, we
get a nice blue background with question marks.  WHen Gnumeric sees one
of Excel's simple widgets, the widget is displayed faithfully.

The question is, will the Gnumeric widgets be compatible with Excel's
simple ones?  Will they 'round trip' even if they aren't recognised?

Currently Excel's complex widgets are dropped during file save, but the
simple ones remain.


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