Re: gnumeric and mac

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, giorgio l wrote:

hi everybody. I 've used gnumeric on linux for thelatest 3 years and now I hope to see it running on mac os x as well as abiword. abiword is now working natively on mac os x (as well as gimp). any project to make also gnumeric available on mac os x (not via fink. too complicated...)? thank you for the great job

Hi Giorgio,

        you might try this:

OpenOSX Office 1.5.1
Enjoy the power and freedom of our rebuilt and much refined OpenOSX Office suite. With the ease of a double-click installation, in just minutes experience:

Gnumeric: a world-class spreadsheet with 100% of the functions of Microsoft* Excel built-in

AbiWord Screen Shot

AbiWord: the award-winning open source alternative to Microsoft* Word

SodiPodi ScreenShot
SodiPodi: a powerful Vector image manipulation program

Diagram Screenshot
Diagram: complete flexible flowchart software

What exactly is OpenOSX Office?
We have hand built and customized the powerful open source "GNOME Office" for Mac OS X, delivering complete integration, installed by our fast and user-friendly package.

GNOME is a popular free desktop environment included with many distributions of Linux including RedHat. Mac OS X, having its own desktop environment, does not include the exhaustive list of support libraries required to run GNOME Office, so with great care and pride, we have built them for you.

In the process wehave married the GNOME environment with Mac OS X offering native functionality including preferred web browser support, Print Center support, linkable files and our exclusive "OpenOSX Office" Cocoa application that enables system-wide recognition of supported file types including Microsoft® Word and Excel documents. This allows any of the many supported file types to be opened in the appropriate software by double-clicking or dragging files to its icon.

To our knowledge there simply is not a faster or easier way possible to get similar functionality installed in Mac OS X. In the same time it takes to copy 480 MB to your hard disk, you can be running this awesome suite, complete with our exclusive "OpenOSX Office" application.

There are other ways to get "Gnome Office" working on your Mac, but if time is money, look no further and accept nothing less than our thorough "OpenOSX Office" solution. Seasoned system administrators and computer novices alike value the ease and peace of mind that our streamlined installation offers.

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